Random thoughts on Overcoming

Recently, I have been zeroing in to some things I really want changed in my life. The obstacles to my Faith and the disciplines that are necessary to achieve success. I have found that discipline seems very unpleasant. However, the payoff is exponential in habits that are healthy for your mind, body and your soul. A roadblock that has hindered me since I was a young boy has been my eating habits. My family celebrated and medicated with food- and so do I. Have a bad day- EAT SOME STEAK! Have an awesome day CELEBRATE WITH RED LOBSTER. The irony of it is that we need food for fuel and when you are like a drug addict with food, this presents a problem! Would it be possible for a heroin addict to continue using drugs and say, “I am not an addict?” Obviously, he can not. Yet for me, I find the struggle just as terrible as that. I need food for fuel and the struggle to eat the right amounts of the right foods at the right times. ARGH! I came up with a plan a couple of days ago (it was the Holy Spirit) but this idea came barreling out of my heart- You need to FAST…….. What? How can that be a good idea…LOL Anyway, my next step is to embark onto a 7 day fast that would be a fast unto the Lord to break the “the yoke of bondage.” I have lost weight and have even started to work out regularly- When I started this journey I was 300 lbs! I am down to 235- Praise the Lord! Yet the yo-yo effect is still there- Lord Jesus help me overcome!