I read a very interesting blog today and it made me think on how important our belief system is and how it points to the reality of what we really believe, i.e if I say I believe that smoking will kill me and I keep smoking, I really do not believe that smoking will kill me by my actions. The true belief in my heart destroys the mental assent of what I like to tell myself and is replaced by the true belief that “I need to smoke to relax, or deal with stress…”

The hurdle is replacing the lies I believe with the truth and the empowerment to apply it to my life. GRACE! Grace is the ability to overcome the lies I believe and it accepts me right where I am at and believes in me before I do or change anything.
Acceptance of who I am before I change a thing is what makes grace so powerful and controversial. When I came to Jesus He did not say to me, “Clean your act up, then I will accept you…”

Yet, I find that people spend a lot of time trying to control behavior, like diets, programs, and the like, instead of creating an environment where GRACE can happen and real change takes place. I am still on the journey discovering God’s GRACE- it really is HIS DNA and I am closer to the One who made this all possible.